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“YOUR FEET ARE YOUR FOUNDATION” Treat your feet &  Critical Care Tips

Innovative Wellness would like to thank our guest speaker Gary Boardman, M.B.A., D. Pod. M., Chiropodist for delivering a wonderful live webinar Monday, February 7, 2022 @ 10am. It was very well attended.

Below are some of the great information Gary shared.

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Chiropodist Gary Boardman shared  12 Critical Foot Care Tips.

These tips will be easier if you have your own 6 item foot care tool kit.

Healthy feet contribute to your safety & health. Healthy feet allow you to remain active.

Many foot problems can be avoided using 12 basic elderly foot care techniques


Check your feet to look for early warning signals for health concerns such as diabetes, arthritis, poor blood circulation and nerve damage

f bending is a problem,

  • ask for help
  • or use a mirror; even a long-handled one if necessary

Important to keep calluses down since never know if there is a ulcer/hole under the callus

Many dancers feel they do not want to remove calluses or they will just keep getting blisters and it will hurt more to dance. So how far down should they take their calluses? <<trial and error to find out what feels comfortable for them>>

Recommendation: Have a chiropodist take down your calluses. Chiropodists sterilize their instruments at 235 degrees for 20 minutes vs pedicure places all have different protocols (advised to ask how people working on your feet sterilize their equipment and what is their training.)
Plus Chiropodists are trained to have tools on hand if they go too deep if cause bleeding points.