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Celebrating Global Yoga Therapy Day – A Journey of Healing and Empowerment

As we approach August 14, let’s celebrate Global Yoga Therapy Day, a special occasion dedicated to firmly establishing yoga as a recognized and respected therapy. Since its inception in 2019, this day has been devoted to building global awareness of yoga therapy and its profound impact on mental and physical wellness.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the transformative power of therapeutic yoga through a personal journey, highlighting how it has positively influenced the lives of individuals and communities.

Embarking on the Therapeutic Yoga Journey:

For many, the therapeutic yoga journey begins with a passion for yoga and a desire to help others. Jayne Hembruff, a trauma-informed yoga therapy teacher, started her journey back in 2003 when she began researching yoga training to do while going on a sabbatical to India. During her 200-hour yoga teacher training, she felt drawn to seek additional knowledge from western medical professionals who were also yoga practitioners. This integration of eastern and western practices allowed her to witness the areas where yoga could complement and enhance traditional western medicine for those suffering.

Finding the Tribe at MISTY:

Jayne’s dedication to yoga therapy led her to the Montreal International Symposium on Therapeutic Yoga (MISTY). This intimate learning opportunity brought together experienced professionals from around the world who shared their wisdom and insights, creating deep connections among like-minded individuals. The primary purpose of MISTY was simple: to help those who suffer. By educating health care and yoga professionals in a personable setting, MISTY fostered personal and professional growth, driving the mission of spreading yoga therapy far and wide.

Yoga Therapy’s Impact on Mental Health:

The fusion of mental health advocacy and yoga therapy came together when Jayne was approached to create a yoga program for a research initiative focused on diabetes prevention in schizophrenia. Drawing from her extensive experience volunteering at various mental health institutions and advocating for mental wellness, she designed a yoga program that showed promising results. Participants self-reported reduced symptoms, improved sleep, elevated moods, and practical mindfulness skills that they applied throughout the week.

Seniors Community Chair Yoga and Intergenerational Programs:

Jayne’s commitment to breaking barriers and making yoga accessible extended to a Seniors Community Chair Yoga program. The classes catered to individuals aged 55 and older, with an inclusive approach that accommodated those with mobility aids and financial challenges. Additionally, through partnerships and government grants, Jayne successfully introduced intergenerational yoga programs and dementia-friendly yoga initiatives to support diverse communities.

A Personal Transformation:

In 2021, Jayne faced a life-altering motor vehicle accident that reshaped her world entirely. Despite her extensive knowledge and experience in therapeutic yoga, the journey to healing proved to be challenging and humbling. This experience deepened her empathy and understanding towards others facing acute and chronic challenges. Through her own healing journey, Jayne has learned the importance of listening to one’s own limits and embracing adaptability.

As we celebrate Global Yoga Therapy Day this August, let’s recognize the incredible impact of yoga therapy on individuals, communities, and the world at large. The personal journey of Jayne showcases the transformative power of yoga, not only as a physical practice but also as a profound tool for mental wellness and healing. Together, let’s continue to spread the knowledge, wisdom, and benefits of yoga therapy, making it a recognized and respected therapy for all those who seek wellness and empowerment.

Remember, you are not alone on your journey of healthy aging and healing.

Reach out, and together we can heal and move towards a future of reduced suffering and vibrant well-being. We are happy to be your partner in this journey.