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YOGA-TASTIC School Program


We know yoga to reduce stress, think more calmly and control their emotions. Did you know it has even been proven to help prison inmates Now, lets get proactive and begin launching my YOGA-TASTIC School Program in every school across Canada to help teach children and teens yoga and meditation techniques to reduce stress, think more calmly and control their emotions. To read more visit https://innovativewellness.ca/2013/09/06/yoga-helps-prison-inmates-by-teaching-them-techniques-to-reduce-stress-think-more-calmly-and-control-their-emotions/

Bring yoga into your school and next professional development session.

Our yoga instructors are registered, certified and insured with a Bachelor of Science and Psychology and over two decades of designing, developing and delivering training.

Since 2006, we have been sharing our passion for yoga with all grades from JK to grade 12.

Innovative Wellness will customize a yoga program to meet your needs. For example, we have offered:

  • Introduction to Yoga
  • ABC’s of Yoga
  • Anatomy of Yoga (learning the body systems, bones and muscles while learning yoga)
  • Structured ten sessions
  • Daily Yoga Programs
  • Yoga to Prevent Injuries
  • Yoga Therapy for mental and physical wellness
  • Yoga Boot Camp
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Partner Yoga
  • Yoga as an Effective Tool for Self Regulation

Yoga is not only for your students, we offer professional development programs, workshops and presentations. Dr. Shanker and I would like to share our our tools and techniques with you.

Innovative Wellness and ?The Canadian Self-Regulation Initiative (CSRI) ? postedYoga??as an effective tool to enhance a child’s ability to self-regulate”??You may view this webinar by visiting

http://www.self-regulation.ca/resources/webinars/This webinar begins with an introduction by Dr. Stuart Shanker.?Our greatest hope is that you will go away from this webinar with a greater understanding and appreciation of how much yoga will do for children, youth and teens, as well as be motivated to enjoy the benefits of yoga for yourself too. Our dream is to get yoga into every classroom across Canada.

Contact us to set up a date to bring yoga into your school or next Professional Development Session.