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What are you serving at your training sessions and meetings?

What are you serving at your meetings and training sessions?

Most meetings and training sessions serve bagels, croissants, donuts and other sugar filled items. These items are tasty, addictive and relatively cheap; however they often result in people not remembering what was said in the meeting or training session, spike blood sugar levels, increase inflammation, and lead people down the path to type 2 diabetes (says Dr. Phil Shambaugh, a nutritional consultant and chiropractor).

Proper nutrition is one of the key components to improving your next training session or meeting since it improves concentration, memory. Some research even states it accounts for eighty percent of your physique.

Whole foods, such as fruits and vegetables will help people concentrate in your next meeting and training session.. Also ensure you participants are well hydrated.

Start your next morning meeting or full day training session with a well balanced breakfast brain boosters complete with high-fiber whole grains, dairy, and fruits. Greek style yogurt and natural granola is a great choice. Just don’t overeat; researchers found high-calorie breakfasts appear to hinder concentration. Try adding blueberries to your menu. Recent studies show that diets rich in blueberries significantly improved both the learning and muscle function of aging rats, making them mentally equivalent to much younger rats. Remember to keep your participants well hydrated with water, 100% real fruit juice, or better yet water with fruit in it, herbal tea and some research is stating coffee is a stimulate and helps with concentration. Just do not overindulge with the coffee.

Mid morning or mid afternoon consider offering munchies like popcorn (whole grain), nuts, seeds and dark chocolate (antioxidant and stimulant ?caffeine). You can enjoy up to an ounce of nuts and dark chocolate every day to provide all the benefits you need without excess calories, fat, or sugar. Nowadays, you can buy commercial healthier bars. In Waterloo Grain Harvest bakery has a line called “Circle of Life”. These are individually wrapped, so people can grab one easily.

Lunch or dinner meetings offer your participants delicious brain booster foods from all the food groups. Proteins like fish are a great source rich in omega 3 fatty acids, essential for brain function and development. Fruits like avocados have good-for-you monounsaturated fat that contributes to healthy blood flow. Be sure to add a side of salad to every meal. If a garden salad is viewed as “boring” try serving grilled chicken breast salad, taco salad, mandarin orange spinach salad (add some nuts like pine nuts, if nuts allowed) , or or try some fruit based salads like mixed fresh fruit salad, watermelon mint and goat cheese salad. Get creative and have fun.

Workplace celebrations can be a “hit” with a yogurt parfait bar, greek yogurt, regular yogurt and fruit toppings, natural granola, says Beth Oslund, a wellness coordinator.

Remember, whole grains, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and a low fat protein are the key ingredients to have at your next meeting. Plus be sure to offer water to keep your participants hydrated. I like to add a wedge of lemon and, or lime to my water. Sometimes I will also add a fresh mint leaf to my water too. Dr. Mark Vernon, MD at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston says “A deficiency of water can alter the concentration of electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, and chloride, water has a profound effect on brain function and energy level”. All great reasons to keep your participants well hydrated.

To enhance concentration and memory, experts also suggest you get a good night?s sleep, stay hydrated, exercise to help sharpen your thinking, meditate and do yoga to clear thinking and relax.

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