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Vulnerable Person Registry…. medical, cognitive, mental health or physical condition

Who is a vulnerable person?
A vulnerable person is defined as a person who due to medical, cognitive, mental health or physical condition may exhibit patterns of behavior that may pose a danger to that person. Examples of Vulnerable Persons may include persons with autism, dementia, acquired brain injury, cerebral palsy that may cause a person to exhibit atypical behaviours (e.g. wandering, physical instability, inability to communicate, aggression, irrational fear, oversensitivity to sensory stimulus (sounds, lights, touch).

What is the goal of the registry?
The goal of the VPR is to provide police with quick access to critical information about a registered person so the officer can assist in an emergency situation. When a Vulnerable Person is thought to be at risk, his or her personal information will be shared with relevant organizations, enabling them to quickly respond and provide effective assistance to the registrant.  Provide the Police Services with emergency contact information, detailed physical descriptions, known routines and special needs of this individual. This information will assist officers in communicating with, attending a residence of, or dealing with an emergency involving this individual.

You will be requested to provide a photo of the person

NOTE: The registry must be updated every year.  

Click on this link http://www.vulnerablepersonsregistry.ca and sign into your account to edit the information if required and update the photograph.

Failure to update your registration annually will result in the removal of your information from the registry.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at info@vulnerablepersonsregistry.ca

Or phone 1-888-372-2259 x 1666