When you need a little boost to power through a long day, try one of these tricks: breathing, legs up, finger to upper lip, and sun salutation.

i. ? Breathing in to completely fill up your lungs.

By breathing into the body to completely fill up your lungs, you are bringing more oxygen into your body which helps energize it. By exhaling completely you are ridding yourself of toxins which will also make you feel more energized.

? ii. Legs up the wall.

This pose is sometimes referred to as waterfall pose. Simple lay on the floor with your legs up a wall. Ensure your spine is straight and do complete berths, then allow the pose to do its magic of re-energizing you. while doing some training with Rodney Ye he suggested we bring to mind our favourite waterfall then imagine that the water is falling from your toes onto your belly button.

iii.Finger to upper lip. Read post/blog for more information.

Using your index finger, firmly press the indentation just above the center of your upper lip for 7 seconds.? Release, then repeat twice.? According to acupressurists, pressing this point increases blood flow to the brain, delivering a jolt of energy.

iv. Sun Salutation.

This flow of yoga posses is claimed to help you wake you up and energize you for the day.?Some yogi’s I know will do this series anytime of the day when they need to re-energize.

Let me know which one of these energizers work best for you.