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Don’t Stress the Holidays

Dont’t Stress the Holidays This Year

Focus on what is really important to you and ask for help from your family.

A British study found mothers are responsible for 2 dozen jobs.? Everything from decorating the tree to buying gifts to making the Christmas feast to doing the dishes.? The survey found men are responsible for just 5 jobs, including carving the turkey, pouring drinks and taking out the trash.? In fact, one-tenth of men surveyed admit they don’t do anything and leave all the Christmas chores to their wives.

Don’t be a statistic.


1. Focus on what is important to you. Try to keep it simple and focus on what is important to you. Try to simplify or change the things that are stressing you out. f you are needing to buy 50 + gifts and this stresses you out, try asking your family if you can do a $25 gift exchange and buy one gift for extended family and friends. If traveling is too much, in one day, try spreading the holiday visits out.

2. Discuss what is stressing you out about the holidays with your family. What can they help with and what can you change as a family?

3. Ask your familiar for help. Family members can help with cleaning, shopping and cooking. If extended family is coming over try a potluck.

4. Shop early.?The earlier you start Christmas shopping, the less money you’ll spend.? That’s because procrastinators tend to make more impulse buys, and end up spending, on average, $250 more, than people who don’t procrastinate.?

5. Buy practical gifts like gift certificate to your favourite yoga studio.

6. Self Care is important over the holidays.


This week:

Sunday, December 15 @ 9:30am-10:15am FAMILY YOGA

Sunday, December 15 @ 10:30am-12noon

Sunday, December 15 @ 12noon ? 1pm Yoga with your teen

Monday, December 16 @ 10:45am-11:45am

Monday, December 16 @ 7-8pm

Tuesday, December 17 @ 8:30pm-10pm

Wednesday, December 17 @ 10:30am-11:30am YOGA WITH YOUR BABY

Thursday, December 19 @ 9:30am -10:30am

Friday, December 20 @ 7pm Restorative Yoga


Christmas Week:

Sunday, December 22 @ 9:30am-10:15am FAMILY YOGA

Sunday, December 22 @ 10:30am-12noon

Monday, December 23 @ 7-8pm

Thursday, December 26 @ 9:30am -10:30am


New Years week:

Tuesday, December 31 @ 9:30am -10:30am

Thursday, January 2 @ 9:30am -10:30am

Friday, January 3 @ 7pm Restorative Yoga

Sunday, January 5 @ 9:30am-10:15am FAMILY YOGA

Sunday, January 5 @ 10:30am-12noon

Sunday, January 5@ 12noon ? 1pm Yoga with your teen

Monday, January 6 @ 7-8pm

Tuesday, January 6 @ 9:30am -10:30am

Tuesday, January 6@ 8:45 pm-10pm

Wednesday, January 7 @ 11am-12noon YOGA WITH YOUR BABY

Thursday, January 8 @ 9:30am -10:30am