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Classroom Yoga Positively Impacts Behaviour

Classroom Yoga Positively Impacts Behaviour

In September 2012, Koenig, Buckley-Reen, and Garg published ?the use of daily classroom wide yoga interventions has a significant impact on key classroom behaviours among children with autism spectrum disorders? in the American Journal of Occupational Therapy.

Parents, ask your school to bring yoga to your child?s school to help reduce stress, focus attention, enhance performance and improve behaviors in the classroom and beyond. However, be sure your yoga instructor is a registered yoga teacher with specific training and experience with children. Students say “Yoga is FUN!!”

Teachers, bring a registered yoga teacher into your classroom to help improve attention, performance, behavior and learning outcomes in your students. Reduce your students stress, your coworkers stress and your stress by improving classroom harmony. Add yoga to your teacher?s tool box of useful teaching tools. Dr. Shanker believes yoga is one tool that should be in every classroom from K – 12 to optimize learning.?Dr. Stuart Shanker is a distinguished research Professor of Philosophy and Psychology.

Teachers say:?

?We absolutely loved having Jayne in to teach yoga!”

?I was very happy with Jayne’s yoga classes. The students enjoyed the variety. I think she does a great job and the kids do too.? Lindsay, Yoga for Co-Ed Physical Education

?The students were focused and still having fun.”

” With my more challenged student’s, Jayne was able to adapt the class to their ability”.

“Jayne was able to motivate students that have coordination and/or attention difficulties. Jayne’s Yoga School Program helped students reduce their anxiety and stress, even those with higher needs.”

From a teacher?s perspective, Jayne was able to connect the yoga lesson to the physical education curriculum by using flexibility, control and coordination.? It also connected to the drama and science curriculum on Living Things by using animal names, actions, poses and of course acting and following directions.? It was so nice to see all the students (including our English as a Second Language students) enjoying themselves and staying fit at the same time.? Lisa, Grade 1

“The students enjoyed hearing about Jayne’s background in Science and how you use this to support your practice. I really liked the lesson before the practical as well–a nice introduction!??? We also enjoyed listening to the reasons behind/uses of each of the stretches as we were doing them!??Stephanie, Yoga as an Alternative Therapy – Health Science