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Yoga to Go….helping you achieve your potential where you are!

In our fast paced world, who has time to go to a yoga class? Bring yoga to you.

By blending her studies in biology, psychology, human resource management, and yoga, Jayne designs yoga classes and programs to fit each clients needs. ?The focus is on?giving people individual attention in a safe environment.

Jayne has a wealth of yoga to draw upon including her own yoga practice and her training in Restorative yoga, Therapeutic yoga, Kirpalu, Dharma, Partner Yoga, Kids Yoga, Dr Long (MD) Anatomical Yoga, and Rodney Yee, etc.

Yoga to Go programs?include (but not limited to):

Anxiety and Mood Disorder Programs: Jayne is KW’s mental wellness yoga instructor. She has taught yoga for ?Dr.?Lakshmi P Voruganti(MD)’s?Diabetes Prevention Program in Schizophrenia (DPPS), and Waterloo Regional Homes for Mental Health Wellness Program. Jayne has also worked privately with clients returning home from hospitalization and their families. She has worked with people of all ages with a range of mental health challenges including,?Postpartum depression?(PPD),?Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Depression,?paranoid schizophrenia, bi-polar mood disorder,?borderline personality disorder.?She is also scheduled to be a presenter at 2013 Canadian Mental Health Association Families?Initiative?Conference.

Conferences:?Allow your conference participants to relax and focus so they can really learn by having yoga at your next conference.

Corporate Yoga:?Yoga at your workplace. How convenient!! Help reduce stress, and?injuries, while improving?strength, flexibility and concentration.

Elite Athlete Yoga Training Programs: Add a new dimension to your training.??Yoga can help improve your athletes performance by working on balance, flexibility, core strength, concentration, injury prevention and recovery . Classes can be offered at your training center, at one of Jayne’s locations, or Jayne can coordinate a location to fit your needs.

Family Yoga:?Get active together and enjoy yoga with child(ren) in this fun filled class.

YogaFit School Program:?Bring yoga to your school. We offer a variety of programs.?Recently, Dr. Stuart Shanker, a distinguished research Professor of Philosophy and Psychology at York University, shared that every classroom should have yoga.

Yoga with your Baby:?Enjoy some yoga with your Baby.