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Yoga with your Baby

Yoga withyour Baby provides a soothing atmosphere that encourages parents to relax and bond with their precious baby.

We will begin each class with a soothing cup of herbal tea. Then we will explore various yoga poses and breath techniques that will encourages parents and their baby to relax, breathe, stretch, as well as build strength in a fun way with their baby. Yoga will enhance your relationship your baby.

Yoga with Baby classes are offered at my Waterloo Yoga Den on Wednesdays 10:30am, and Saturdays 8:30am. However, if neither of these times work well for you or you have no transportation to get to my Waterloo Yoga Den, bring Jayne to you and your baby.

To register or for more information, please email Jayne@innovativewellness.ca or call.

Bio: Jayne Hembruff is a mother of three, certified and registered yoga teacher who also has a bachelor of science in biology and psychology, Waterloo Regional District School Board employee, and worked as Human Resource Professional for over a decade.


The Benefits of Yoga for Babies

Bonding: Whether you are the mom or dad, helping your baby with yoga poses will create not only a more fit and healthier baby, but will also create a stronger and tighter bond with you and your baby. Yoga can also offer parents with the benefit of learning to calm their baby more quickly, promoting relaxation.

Relieves Tummy Upsets and aids with Digestion: “Knees to chest” is a great asana to help relieve babies of gas or any other stomach upsets, such as constipation and colic. Some other yoga poses require a belly massage and moving baby’s legs. This can improve baby’s digestive function. I had a baby that had colic and utilized yoga poses to help sooth my baby and gave me some relief as I was frazzled and extremely tired.

Stimulation: Gentle yoga poses can help stimulate your baby. Even babies who cannot move independently benefit from having you move them as this stimulates their body and brain. Some research even states yoga can improve a baby’s sleeping patterns.

Balance: When your baby performs yoga (with your assistance, of course), he or she will learn how to balance himself or herself quicker than a baby that does not use yoga. A few poses that can help your baby with balance are “downward facing dog” (which is great for learning to crawl), “wind relieving pose”, and “bridge pose“.

Strengthens: Yoga helps to strengthen and encourage your baby’s brain and body development. When yoga is added to your baby’s everyday routine, your baby will have more ability and confidence to walk and crawl (source:YogaJournal.com). According to?WebMD.com, “Yoga helps to strengthen a baby’s coordination, bone tissue and ligaments.”

Healthy Life Style: By doing yoga with your baby you are leading by example a good healthy life style and the importance of taking care of yourself. ?Help your baby practice yoga for overall health and you will notice benefits that can last throughout a lifetime.

Stress Relief: One of the biggest benefits of baby yoga is for the parents rather than the babies. When you bring a newborn home from the hospital, sleep deprivation, older children and other responsibilities can leave you stressed and tired. Attending yoga with your baby gives you time to relax and reset your mind and body so you’re more willing and able to undertake other facets of your life. It creates a positive atmosphere for you and your baby to spend time with each other, without the responsibilities and duties that beckon at home.

Did you know women make an average of nine new friends after they give birth

Having a baby can actually widen an increase a woman’s circle of friends.? While many women report feeling isolated and lonely when their child is very young, new research has shown that they make on average of nine new friends upon the birth of their baby.? The survey showed that 53 percent of new mothers felt it was surprisingly easy to make friends after having a baby, and 70 percent of those said it was because they had so much in common.

Remember if you are unable to to make it to my yoga studio, I would be happy to come to you