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Jayne and her team have over five decades of experience speaking, facilitating, and inspiring individuals, groups and corporations at conferences, workshops and professional and athletic development sessions.

Inspiring positive results …


We provide keynotes, workshops, breakout conference sessions, full day training as well as Fitness Breaks.



Team Building

Treat your team to a fun unique hands on Team Building workshop with our three experienced facilitators.

We utilize both the classroom for the foundational review of the benefits of teamwork and we then transition to a hands on task. This task is lead by a Guinness World Record holder.

The lessons found in this workshop highlight the need for good communication and cooperation. The entire workshop is presented in an atmosphere of fun and humour.

Dealing with Difficult People

Chances are you know one. Chances are you’ve met one and chances are at some point in your life you will have to deal with one, either face to face or through a mediator. Difficult people are in every organization and can drain you, your employees and your resources. Difficult people can negatively impact your organizations productivity, service, turnover, creativity, and ability to attract high performing personnel. Often times they create a negative culture which clients can sense and often turn away from, which severely impacts the bottom line.

You can’t hide from them, you can’t ignore them and you can’t change them, you must deal with them! Its not as easy as just letting them go. You have invested time energy and resources into training and educating them. You hired them because they brought value to our organization. Giving up on that can be expensive as well. Don’t you owe to yourself and your organization to try and work with them first? After a decade as a correctional officer/hostage negotiator, and a decade being on the front lines of HR, Neil and Jayne have simplified difficult people into two types. Under each type they have identified a variety of different traits such as  “Yes Man” or the “Nay Say- er”, the “Bombastic” and the “Saboteur”.

Learn to identify the multitude of triggers that set off your difficult people, learn tips and techniques to manage and be a S.T.A.R. Join Neil and Jayne to identify, deal with and diffuse the difficult people in your organization and your life.

Past participants say:”Best session“, “Another WOW factor“, “Excellent useful information“, “Terrific informative workshop“??

Health & Well Being for All

Learn strategic ways that we can promote healthy living and well-being for all.

Lunch and Learns:

More Workshops:

Shrug off Stress in Seconds

Have you experienced stress?
For some of us stress feels unlimited.

For years we have been hearing that stress is harmful to our health. However, there is new research showing that if we are able to rethink the stress response as helpful, we will be better able handle life’s challenges, and improve our biology.

This session will share the latest research and techniques to help you create stress-related resilience.

Combat Caregive Fatigue

You are not alone, most caregivers experience caregiver fatigue. Try effective tools to relax, rejuvenate, restore yourself to combat caregiver fatigue. This hands-on workshop will help enhance your self-awareness, self-care and self-regulation. Throughout this workshop you will be developing a personalized self care plan specific to your needs.

Mental Health & Wellness in the Workplace

Health affects everyone! One in five working Canadians will experience mental illness directly. The others will have a friend, colleague and/or family member dealing with a mental health issue.

Mental health and wellness are significant business issues that require the attention of businesses, especially human resources professionals.

People who experience mental health issues face incredible challenges in the workplace. Many share they feel embarrassed to share they live with a mental health issue, and the ones who do share feel misunderstood, shunned and underutilized. While others state they are frustrated since they cannot even get a job. As Karla Thorpe, Associate Director, Compensation and Industrial Relations at the Conference Board of Canada states, ?In a world where shortages of critical skills are top of mind for many organizations, employers cannot afford to allow this situation to continue.?

This interactive workshop will share the latest research as well as practical approaches to improve mental wellness.

Learning Outomces

Raise their awareness about the stigma of mental illness and other barriers to treatment
Review employees?, managers?, and employers? mental health rights and responsibilities
Enhance understanding of Stress, Burn Out and Compassion Fatigue
Discuss workplace bullying, and dementia
Identify the key lifestyle changes that can improve mental health
Create better workplace conditions and provide support for people living with anxiety, depression and mood disorders
Resiliency based return to work reduces relapses
Learn how to build a strategic integrated health strategy that can make a difference to your employees, and your business
Changing Behaviour, Changing Lives: Apps and Analytics
Provide practical strategies to maintain good mental health

Other Topics:

Do’s and Don’t of Difficult People:.Learn how to be a STAR
Learning through Stories
Exercising the mind and engaging the brain
Shrug off Stress in Seconds
Negotiation Skills from a Hostage Negotiator (Negation Skills and Emotional Intelligence)
Leadership: I learned everything I needed to know about leadership when I was in jail.



Exercise Your Mind & Engage Your Memory

Share your life lessons and stories in an effective entertaining manor that will exercise your mind, engage your memory and make it more memorable for your audience.?Come enjoy an interactive public speaking session with Jayne and Neil. They will share proven techniques to enhance your next conversation, meeting, and training.

Exercise Your Mind2: Get more out of your Conference/Workshop/Meeting

Physical exercise in conjunction with mindfulness and yoga increases information processing and memory functions. Experience a sample session.


Relax, Rejuvenate and Re-store


You are not alone. A 2005, statistic Canada survey found 85% of Canadians who reported feeling stressed.?More recently in?2014,??The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives conducted a study that revealed the best and worst cities to be a woman in Canada, and KW ranked 16 out of 20. The study revealed ?women here are stressed out.

Allow Jayne to relax, rejuvenate and re-store your body, mind and inner self and kick non?beneficial??stress out of your life.

Past participants say:?”Your presentation at the conference was excellent!“-Cathy E. “Your presentation was well done and it was very clear how beneficial yoga can be in managing mental health issues, whether related to mental illness or caregiver mental health. I had people at my table say even in the short session you did with us they felt more relaxed and calm.” – Sheryl “I really enjoyed your session” – Lill P. “Thank you for getting us up and moving. The energizing poses and breathing was exactly what I needed in the mid afternoon. I also felt more relaxed after your relaxing techniques.


Empower Yourself by Sharing your Voice

Empower yourself and?overcome your?barriers in sharing your voice. ?Through this interactive session you will explore and try various?tools and techniques to develop you voice and build your confidence.

Past participants say?”Jayne is?very pleasant, talented and knowledgeable.?We??found the workshop to be beneficial and useful vis-a-vis their future public speaking goals.”,?”Thank you for a great workshop; I learned several new techniques. I would definitely recommend it to others.“-HB,”I really really enjoyed the workshop.” – MAAE


Successfully Navigating Change

Identify where you are and where you want to go. What’s holding you back form achieving your goals? Let’s deconstruct your resistance, fine tune your self awareness, ?practice self care and look at your self regulation to?assist you in successfully navigating change.

4 Key Elements of Successful Health and Wellness Programs:

1: Building a Business Case

2: Wellness Knowledge: – Creating a Wellness Culture for Optimal Health

3. Planning & Implementing

4. Measuring for Success


Pamper Mom: Relax, Re-Store and Re-energize

Disarm your stress response and explore ways to activate your relaxation response to help you experience the feeling being re-stored and re-energized. This workshop will focus on self awareness, self care and self regulation.


Yoga with Baby
Post Natal yoga with your Baby
Enjoy some self care and pampering for the new parent.
Bond with your baby.
Meet other Moms and babies.

Parents and caregivers, this class focuses on providing physical relief from repetitive daily activities such as lifting, carrying and feeding, and aims to aid in recovery from pregnancy, childbirth, and stress. It is a great opportunity to connect with other parents and caregivers and learn how to integrate yoga into your ?new? life. It is a great way to connect to your baby while you do yoga poses with your baby. You may also completely pamper yourself while your baby to sleeps or plays.

Post Natal Yoga with your Baby is ideal for new born to Pre-crawlers.
However if the group is ok with crawlers and walkers, they will be welcome to attend.


Yoga for Mental Wellness

(Ideal multi week program. Length of Time:90minutes)
Yoga is an effective tool with documented psychological and physiological results. This workshop is ideal for those living with post partum, anxiety, depression, trauma and/or other mental health challenges. We will explore a variety of tools to ease some of the symptoms. In addition, I will share the history and results of yoga for mental wellness, which was overseen by Dr. Lakshmi P Voruganti, a psychiatrist at McMaster University, and coordinated by Gayle Parker, RN and the results of the new in patient Specialized Mental Health yoga program.


This workshop can be adapted for Postpartum Depression
YOGA-TASTIC: Family Yoga
Family Yoga is an opportunity for parent and child or the whole family to explore the depths and joy of assisted poses including breath, budhas and some flying asanans for the children.
– light hearted for all-levels
– all ages welcome
– designed to promote active living
– promotes family connection

We will explore the lion series (sleeping like a lion, stretching out our big lion paws and even roar like a lion), and other poses to integrate stretching, strengthening, balancing and relaxing together as a family.

This workshop will help you and your child(ren) develop self awareness, self care and self regulation.

We may also try some individual, as well as group yoga.


Calm, Alert and Ready to Learn (Ideal…multi week program.

This workshop is designed for children who struggle with finding successful strategies to be calm, alert and ready to learn inside and outside school. This workshop was originally designed for Dr. Stuart Shanker, author of ?Calm, Alert and Learning? , researcher on self regulation and developer of Canadian Self Regulation Initiative. This program combines a wide range of effective techniques from yoga, and discuss some of Dr Ross Greene’s proactive collaborative problem solving techniques. Parents are requested to attend this workshop with their child(ren).


Bio for Jayne Hembruff
Passionate about inspiring positive results through strategic initiatives!

Jayne is a mother of 3, certified and registered yoga instructor who has taught over 4. 000 yoga classes, taken over 600 hours of yoga teacher training, creator of the Sleep Aid Audio, plus has a BSc in biology, psychology and post graduate certificate and a decade experience in Human Resource Management. She specializes in improving people’s mental and physical wellness and working with trauma survivors. Jayne enjoys working with all people from expecting parents, parents with their babies, families, kids, teens, adults and seniors.

In addition, Jayne is a highly sought after speaker and workshop facilitator with over two decades of speaking and facilitating experience. Within the past year, Jayne has presented “Pampering the Primary Caregiver? (Self care with gentle restorative yoga), “Yoga as an Effective Tool for Self Regulation” (helping children learn tools to become calm, alert and ready to learn), “YOGA-TASTIC”: yoga in school programs” (grade 1-12 including life skills classes), “Relax, Re-Store and Re-energize” (Disarming the stress response and activating the relaxation response to feel re-stored and re-energized), “Helping Women Find their Voices” (public speaking workshop), Corporate Health & Wellness, “Dealing with Difficult People: Do’s and Don’ts”, “Exercise the Mind and Engage your Memory”, “Sleep Aid”, and ?Successfully Navigating Change?.

Other workshops include “Easing Discomforts of Pregnancy and Preparing for Labour and Delivery”, “Pelvic Floor Health”, “Pampering the New Mom”, “Bonding with your Baby”, Yoga for Mental Wellness”, “Yoga as an Effective tool for Self Regulation”, Stress Management (“Stress Unlimited”), Helping Kids living with anxiety, depression and other mental health challenges, Performance Management, Leadership, etc.

Fitness Breaks
Yoga/Stretch Breaks:
Early morning waking up the body and mind to be open to learning
Mid Day Yoga Stretch Break
End of Day mindfulness to solidify the learning

Dance Breaks:
Get up and Dance like no one is looking
Wake up with BallroomFit (body and brain gym)
Mid Day Break out the Dance Moves…Ballroom Line Dance
End of Day Ballroom Booster

Fun Gentle Exercise Breaks :

Early Morning get your Body Moving and Grooving with Gentle Exercise
Mid Day Tabata toning
End of Day exercise Booster


 Workshops & Webinars:


Tuesday, October 7, 2014: Exercise your Mind and Engage your Memory for HRPA

Recorded Webinars:

?”Key Elements of Successful Health and Wellness Programs. Stage 3: Planning & Implementation“?

Recorded on ??Tuesday, March 18th, 2014 Check?http://www.hr.com for when recording is available to listen.

This webinar ?delved into the planning and implementation of health and wellness initiatives to ensure they are aligned with company objectives and generate desired results. We have identified 5 key elements for consideration as you map out the shape and objectives of your H&W program. Participants will learn what steps are needed to plan health and wellness activities in their organization. Through collaboration with internal staff and outside experts you can build the necessary programs and policies that help support employee health in areas that are important to them. Programs customized to the needs of your workforce and based on the research, guidance and expertise required to maximize impact and ROI of your health and wellness efforts. This is a critical stage of your program development and will ultimately result in success or failure.

Who Should listen:

1-Executives interested in taking employee performance to the next level.

2-Corporate, Financial and?HR?Executives-Managers, Directors and Vice Presidents
3-C-Suite executives interested in developing an effective wellness program
4-Health, Wellness and Safety coordinators
5-Group insurance administrators.


YOGA-TASTIC,YogaTastic_Logois featured on Canadian Self-Regulation Initiative (CSRI) website, ?“Yoga as an effective tool to enhance a child’s ability to self-regulate”?? ?To view just click on http://www.self-regulation.ca/resources/webinars/?(webinar # 6) .?This webinar begins with an introduction by Dr. Stuart Shanker. Followed by an overview of how yoga can assist children of all ages and abilities to STOP and listen to their bodies and minds, develop self awareness, and learn techniques on how to become more calm, alert and optimize their learning experiences inside and outside of school. This presentation was designed and delivered by Jayne Hembruff, President of Innovative Wellness and ??expert on yoga for children? for the Canadian Self Regulation Initiative.

We would like to invite educators, parents, grandparents and others working and interacting with children, youth and teens to watch this webinar. ?Our greatest hope is that you will go away from this webinar with a greater understanding and appreciation of how much yoga will do for children, youth and teens, as well as be motivated to enjoy the benefits of yoga for yourself too. Our dream is to get YOGA-TASTIC into every classroom across Canada.

“Key Elements of Successful Health and Wellness Programs. Stage 2: Wellness Knowledge- 4 Elements for Creating a Wellness Culture for Optimal Health?”?

Listen to this webinar by clicking on??http://www.hr.com/en/webcasts_events/webcasts/archived_webcasts_and_podcasts/wellness-knowledge–4-elements-for-creating-a-well_hbo6w2jv.html

Key Elements of Successful Health and Wellness Programs. Stage 1:?Building a?Business?Case?

Listen to this webinar by clicking on http://www.hr.com/en/webcasts_events/webcasts/archived_webcasts_and_podcasts/building-a-business-case-for-a-successful-health-a_h8owonz3.html

Speakers Bureau

Jayne is a proud member of ?The Speakers Bureau for Business and Education Partnership of Waterloo Region?& Zoom Career Days (http://www.bus-edpartnership.org)

Rave Reviews:

“The session was good.?…The pace was good and the powerpoint was good as well. A good combination of talking and getting us out of our chairs….I will suggest my Director of HR contact you to deliver it at my workspace.” (2014, Sept 23 Stress Workshop)

“The stress is shrugged away! Thank you for speaking to our group on Tuesday night. They really seemed to be receptive and engaged with you and what you shared with us. Thank you for the practical, common sense tips to help us de-stress!(2014, Sept 23 Stress Workshop)

“I thoroughly enjoyed your session. There was some great hard data in?there that would be very beneficial to anyone trying to convince management?to “buy in” to a wellness program.” (2014, Jan 15 – HRPA H&S PNG – 6 Key Elements to a Successful Health & Wellness Program)

“Best session”, Another WOW factor”, “Excellent useful information”, “Terrific informative workshop” – OACAO

“Jayne is like no other yoga teacher I have seen before; she is funny! We were laughing?and enjoying ourselves”-Anne?

“Jayne is knowledgable, her tips really helped me …”-Sue ?

?”I really enjoyed your session”?- Lill P.

“Best Speaker ever!!!”

“You connected with and empowered everyone in the room.” – R.R.

“You have inspired and motivated me.”- J.K.

“Your talk transformed my life.”- E.S.

Professional Associations & Groups Spoken to:

    • HR.com
    • Human Resource Professional Association (HRPA)
    • International Personal Management Association (IPMA)
    • Kitchener Public Library (KPL)
    • Newfoundland and Labrador Organization for Women Entrepreneurs (NLOWE)
    • Older Adult Centres’ Association of Ontario (OACAO)
    • Ontario Yearly Years Centre – Our Place
    • Running Room
    • Southwestern Ontario Human Resource Group (SOHRG)

Organizations Spoken to:

    • AIDS Committee of Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo and Area (ACCKWA)
    • Aquatox
    • Canada Revenue Agency
    • Canadian Self Regulation Inititiative
    • CHC Helicopters
    • Coalition of Muslim Women
    • Dare Foods
    • Guelph General Hospital
    • Health and Community Services
    • Waterloo Catholic School Board
    • Waterloo Regional District School Board


Empowering Women?through?Public Speaking?” (Spoke March 2014 Coalition of Muslim Women)?”Jayne is very pleasant, talented and knowledgeable. We found the workshop to be beneficial and useful vis-a-vis their future public speaking goals.”, “Thank you for a great workshop; I learned several new techniques. I would definitely recommend it to others.”-HB,”I really really enjoyed the workshop.” – MAAE

Dealing with Difficult People: Do’s & Don’ts” (Spoke October 2013 OACAO Conference)?“Best session”, Another WOW factor”, “Excellent useful information”, “Terrific informative workshop”?

“Helping Anxious Children”??(Spoke May 21, 2013) “Jayne thank you for sharing useful tips and resources”, “My daughter and I enjoyed your session. You customized it to our needs and allowed us to try various ‘anti-anxiety tools’ to see what ones work for us.”http://edition.pagesuite-professional.co.uk/launch.aspx?referral=other&refresh=Sd307J1qe19B&PBID=38576424-8e12-4a70-b067-9012a9647a90&skip

“Getting a Good Night’s Sleep”?(spoke Apr 29, 2013) “Jayne is like no other yoga teacher I have seen before; she is funny! We were laughing?and enjoying ourselves”-Anne “Jayne is knowledgable, her tips really helped me get a better night’s sleep”-Sue ?http://edition.pagesuite-professional.co.uk/launch.aspx?referral=other&refresh=Sd307J1qe19B&PBID=38576424-8e12-4a70-b067-9012a9647a90&skip

“Story Telling to Enhance Learning”?(spoke?April 9, 2013?for HRPA’s Learning and Development Peer Networking Group)?Neil Dunsmore and Jayne Hembruff shared their tips and tricks to help change your next not so exciting/boring mandatory training session into one your employees/clients will remember. Participants said “WOW, the session was excellent!“, “I could have listened to you tell stories all day“, ?”I learned how impactful descriptive words really make the story can help any training be more exciting for participants“, “I very much enjoyed your combined presentation “Enhancing Learning through Stories”.? I am a big believer in the importance of stories and analogies in making our message memorable. You both did a fabulous job of demonstrating the power of stories.” Nancy Lefneski?Area Manager, IWCC Training

“Sleep Aid Workshop”?(spoke Apr 9) “Thank you for sharing your knowledge and tips and tricks to get a better night’s sleep. ” ?”The ladies loved their sleep journals and eye pillows”

“Relax, Re-energize &?Rejuvenate”?.?(Spoke?Sat., Mar 2, 2013 at Canadian Mental Health Association?Families Moving Forward?Conference?“Steps in the Right Direction Conference,)??”Your presentation at the conference was excellent!”-Cathy E. “Your presentation was well done and it was very clear how beneficial yoga can be in managing mental health issues, whether related to mental illness or caregiver mental health.?I had people at my table say even in the short session you did with us they felt more relaxed and calm.” ?- Sheryl ?“I really enjoyed your session”?- Lill P.?Thank you for getting us up and moving. The energizing poses and breathing was exactly what I needed in the mid afternoon. I also felt more relaxed after your relaxing techniques.” “Evaluations were highly positive and we received wonderful, front page coverage of our conference in the Brantford Expositor.http://www.brantfordexpositor.ca/2013/03/03/event-brings-families-with-mental-illness-together? ? “….The Saturday conference also included a presentation by Jayne Hembruff of Innovative Wellness, who is a registered yoga teacher. She specializes in helping people improve their physical and mental wellness and decrease stress levels. ? ?Yoga can help ease some of the symptoms of mental illness and in many cases it’s a matter of helping people slow down and take a deep breath to take away some of the anxiety or pressure they might be feeling. ??She is passionate about the mental health benefits of yoga and has been trying to get it into the schools as a way of helping young people. ??”It (yoga) is another tool, something that can help those who have a mental illness and those who have a loved one with a mental illness,” she said.”?

Participants wrote “Excellent presentation!” “Relaxing, and helpful.” “Good change of tempo“, “Good to loosen up“, “Fun break in the afternoon“, “Good time to place this event. Energized!“, “Yoga rocks!“, “Thanks for sharing. Would have liked a longer session.

“Chair?Yoga” Yoga for all ages and abilities.??(Spoke?Wednesday, February 13?at?Pioneer Park) Chair yoga allows everyone to benefit from its breathing and stresses. ?”I felt great after Chair yoga–it was a nice blend of breathing, relaxing, stretching, and even strengthening” -Anne P. “chair yoga helped stretch me up again; I was feeling vertically compressed.?” -?Ellen M.

“Relaxing Yoga Breathing”??(Spoke February 4th at KPL)?Thank you for sharing yoga?breathing, In less than an hour I could really feel a difference and felt more relaxed and ?calmer” “This Active Adults was the best attended event to date- we look forward to having Jayne back in April.” “I appreciated Jayne taking the time after the talk to help me with my specific challenges”

Wellness Knowledge- 4 Elements for Creating a Wellness Culture for Optimal Health??(Live Webinar Wednesday, February 6th for HR.com) “Learned a lot of new information such as strategies to deal with resistance at the executive level and the individual employee level.? Thank you!“-JR ?”I learned the connectivity of Health and wellness initiatives with demographics and health issues that tend to be prominent in certain populations in your organization.?and when cost considerations are occurring, include the ROI, – reduction of cost in other areas such as WC, absenteeism, etc.”?-LW ?”It sounds like there are steps in the process of setting up a wellness program that we have been missing.”-VR ? ?To listen to webinar:?visit?http://www.hr.com

Yoga for Mood Disorders & Anxiety (Spoke?January 22, 2013?at?KPL)?”You have a caring, positive, encouraging attitude. ??Your experience of over 20 years enables you to make helpful suggestions?as to how to modify poses & techniques so your clients,?who have?pain or physical limitations are able to participate actively in the classes?and benefit from them.”- Rosie G.


Building a Business Case for a Successful Health and Wellness Program“??? (Live Webinar, December 18, 2012?on HR.com) Reviews😕“Very Good presentation”, “Informative” “There was a lot of new information?, “Great research” ,”I gained up to date knowledge”, “Learned how to get a good ROI on my Health and wellness program”, “I will go share this great information with my work team” “I will take back the metrics information” ?To listen to webinar:?http://www.hr.com/en/webcasts_events/webcasts/archived_webcasts_and_podcasts/building-a-business-case-for-a-successful-health-a_h8owonz3.html

De-Stressing Yoga for Parents and Caregivers??(Spoke Fall 2012 at ?Ontario Early Years Centre)??Best Speaker ever” “Jayne really helped me to learn to relax?

?“Jayne is very up to date with the latest research and is very knowledgeable” “Jayne was easily able to accommodate me in my walker and inability to get down to the floor.”?

Yoga 101?(Spoke Jan 9, 2012 KPL Forest Heights Branch – 45 Participants)?“Jayne, I never thought I could do yoga, but you inspired me to try and I could do it!” “I felt less pain after the yoga session.” “I would like to learn more from you.” “You empowered everyone and modified poses to meet everyone’s ability to include people who needed to use a walker and cannot go down to the floor”

Yoga for People Living with Anxiety and/or Mood Disorders” (Spoke Jan?24, 2012?KPL Forest Heights Branch -27 participants). “Jayne, thank you so much for offering another (very popular) program! The attendance was high and the room was packed! Participants enjoyed hearing about the science and research behind yoga, anxiety and mood disorders, and the various local programs available in KW.”

Other comments included: “Thank you for your very interesting session. ” “Your demonstrations were very good.” “We need people like you to teach how to have inner peace in this hectic world. Keep up the good work.” “I thoroughly enjoyed the evening presentation. The instruction was clear.”

Pathway to a Healthy and Productive Workplace”?(Live Webinar?Thursday, Feb 2, 2012?on HR.comExcellent) “There was a lot of new information”, “Great Canadian Statistics” “Would like to receive more information to develop my organizations Corporate Wellness Program”?

Stretching, Injury Prevention and Recovery” for Learn to Run Clinic & 5km Run Clinic (Spoke?Friday, Feb 3, 2012?at 6PM Running Room) “I felt so relaxed afterwards and had a great run” ,“my back felt better”, “I had more energy for my run”

“Yoga for Stress Management and Wellness”?(Spoke March 2012 Guelph General Hospital)?You provided me with some great tips to help me with my stress and to better cope with my body discomforts”

“Connecting with your Audience and Mentoring to Enhance Learning and Development”?(Spoke?Tuesday, April 10, 2012?at HRPA) “Good presentation. I especially liked your anecdotes”

Speaking Awards:

2012?Black Walnut Humorous Contest participant

2012?Black Walnut Table Topics Contest (Impromptu Speaking) participant

2012 District 61 International Speech Contest contestant (March 2)

2012 Black Walnut International Speech Contest 2nd place Winner
2011 Black Walnut Table Topics Contest (Impromptu Speaking) 1st place Winner ?and 2011 District 61 Contest 3rd place winner
2010?Black Walnut Table Topics Contest (Impromptu Speaking) 3rd place winner

Mentored and Coached Award winning Speakers:

2013 District 61 & Black Walnut Humorous Contest winner

2013 District 61 &?Walnut Table Topics Contest? winner?

Best Speaker award for:

  • YOGA: En effective tool for Self-Regulation
  • “Stop & Breathe” (Inspirational)
  • “Too Busy for Bugs”(Staying Healthy during cold and flu season)
  • “Building Mentally Health Workplace”
  • “Yoga at your Desk”
  • “Competition”
  • “Overcoming Barriers”
  • “Pranyama – breathing basics”
  • “Stop & Breathe” (Inspirational)
  • “A different Perspective”


De-Stress Retreat right here in KW

Join us for a full day de-stress retreat right here in KW.

This day will be filled with science based facts on effective ways to reduce your stress.

Our De-stressing team:
Jayne Hembruff, BSc. R-YNC, Registered Yoga Instructor, creator of BallroomFit, Director of Innovative Wellness
Dr. Jennifer Charron N.D., H.BSc., Clinic Director, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, The Natural Way Health Clinic
Maria Bernadette Javier, M.Psy. (Clin.), RP, Registered Psychotherapist, Child, Adolescent & Adult Psychotherapy, Certified COGMED Coach, Certified DIR? Floortime TM Provider 1