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Child Haven Fundraiser Dinner

2015 Dinner -?Sunday April 26


Location: St. George Banquet Hall, 665 King Street North, Waterloo, ON

The Child Haven Waterloo Fundraising dinner is fast approaching. There are only three weeks to go. Please consider attending this wonderful event. Details are on the attached poster.

The event is held at St. George Banquet Hall in Waterloo. Doors open at 3 pm, appetizers are served at 4:30 pm and a delicious, Indian, vegetarian dinner is served at 6 pm. You will find exotic items for sale from India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Tibet, draws for gift baskets, henna painting, Indian dancing, caricatures, yoga and sales tables for your entertainment.

This is a family friendly event. A Kid’s Zone will be available for children wishing to participate in stories, crafts, learning yoga and games.

Tickets are $40 for adults and $10 for children under 12. There are several ways to buy tickets:

1. Call the Child Haven Office and pay by credit card at 1-613-527-2829

2. Use PayPal to buy your tickets online at http://www.childhaven.ca/fundraiser_waterloo.html

3. Buy e-tickets online at https://www.uniiverse.com/events/child-haven-international-fundraiser-dinner-tickets-waterloo-7BV0N

4. Contact one of the following people and make a direct ticket purchase. Make sure you provide your complete mailing address:
Carol Burrows – cbur0805@yahoo.ca or 519-744-8449
Deepti Celetti – celettigr2@gmail.com or 519-846-0505
Joan Rentoul – rentouljc@gmail.com or 519-265-3356

Fundraiser Dinner April 27, 2014 was a great success – last calculated total collection from the event??$51,000

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Location😕St. George Banquet Hall, 665 King Street North, Waterloo, ON

Please join me in the children’s room for some yoga or enter to win yoga or my new sleep aid Audio