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Inspiring positive results through strategic initiatives…since 2006


Innovative Wellness helps organizations achieve their goals by offering Corporate Consulting, Skill Development Building Blocks Program by our seasoned team of business and wellness experts.

Our team offers lunch n? learns, workshops, key notes, on and off site health and wellness consultations, on and off site fitness classes, as well as strategic comprehensive health and wellness programming. All our programs are customized to meet your needs.

Services We offer:

  • Workshops, Lunch N’ Learns & Key Notes
  • Fitness Breaks Fun, exercise to get the body moving and mind engaged
  • Consulting (Training, Navigating Change, Health & Wellness)
  • Health Risk and Bio Metric Assessments
  • Wellness Fairs
  • Web Platform

Workshops, Lunch ‘N Learns & Key Notes

  • Team Building
  • Shrug of Stress in Seconds
  • Combat Caregiver Fatigue
  • Living the Dream
  • Exercise your Brain& Engage your and Mind
  • Exercise your Mind 2: Getting more out of your conference
  • Dealing with Difficult People: Do’s & Don’ts
  • Empowering yourself by sharing your Voice?
  • Successfully Navigating Change
  • Building Mentally Healthy Workplaces
  • Connecting with your Audience
  • Stop Stopping: Deconstructing Resistance
  • Sharing the Story Within
  • Pathways to a Healthy and Productive Workforce: How to design a strategic corporate wellness program to really get great ROI

Our Classics:

  • Relax, Re-juvenate & Restore
  • Sleep Aid
  • Self Awareness, Self Care and Self Regulation
  • STRESS Unlimited: Tools to effectively kick in relaxation?&?kick out?stress
  • Too Busy for Bugs: Staying Healthy during cold and flu season
  • Communication and Connection: Creating an environment of trust, open dialogue to get what you want and need
  • Creating a Fun and Productive Workplace
  • Leading Work Life Balance
  • Managing People, Stress and Time
  • Team Building: The Science & the reasons for Dysfunctional Teams
  • Performance Management 101
  • Leadership
  • Wellness Lunch N Learns on: Mental Wellness link to Physical Wellness, Nutrition, Staying Healthy during Cold and Flu Season, Sleep Aid, Strength training,?Stretching benefits/practical session,?How to manage stress! exercise component,?Cancer & Exercise,?Diabetes & Exercise,?Arthritis & Exercise,?Osteoporosis & Exercise,?Pregnancy & Exercise

Fitness Breaks
Add some fun exercise to get the body moving, engage the mind and release some stress.

Specifically we can offer:

  • Gentle Exercise
  • Relaxing, Re-juvenating and Re-storing Yoga
  • Boardroom Strength Training
  • Golf Fit
  • Ballroom Dance Basics
  • Boot Camps
  • ….and more


Allow our team to help you and your organization.

We have a wealth of experience in the areas of

  • Training
  • Strategy
  • Comprehensive Wellness Programs. We can assist you with writing an effective business plan, analyze employee surveys, develop a plan, implement the plan, provide ongoing support, analyze your program

Health Risk and Bio Metric Assessments

  • Nutritional Assessment
  • Assessments such as ?of body fat %,?flexibility,?girth measurements,?waist to hip ratio,strength testing/baseline
  • Blood Pressure
  • Body Mass Index
  • Cholesterol
  • Strength and Flexibility

Wellness Fairs

We would love to be at your next Wellness Fair. We have great speakers and facilitators who are ready to share their passion. Just let us know if you would like health risk assessments , fitness or yoga classes, informative workshops, etc.

For some, coordinating and organizing a corporate wellness fair is too time consuming, and you simply do not have the time. Allow Innovative Wellness?to give you a helping hand.

Fun Facts:

This article has?some great statistics related to productivity and fatigue.



Key Elements of Successful Health and Wellness Programs: Building a Business Case

http://www.engaged2perform.ca/events/8/health-wellness-building-business-case/to Archived Webinars:

Building a Business Case for a Successful Health and Wellness ProgramDoug Brown and I will be discussing how you can build a business case for a corporate health and wellness program. We will review discuss such topics as return on investment and impact health and wellness has on productivity, absenteeism, stress, mental health, the affect on decisions and product and service quality, group benefits, premiums and claim expenses, WSIB accident and safety claims and insurance, presenteeism.?Listen to this webinar:?http://www.hr.com/en/webcasts_events/webcasts/archived_webcasts_and_podcasts/building-a-business-case-for-a-successful-health-a_h8owonz3.html

Wellness Knowledge- 4 Elements for Creating a Wellness Culture for Optimal Health??(Recorded?Wednesday,?February 6, 2013) In? order to maximize return on investment, create successful health and wellness programs and help employees make healthy choices related to their wellness goals organizations need to develop sound strategies and policies that share health and wellness knowledge with their employees. It is critical employees have relevant, timely and accurate information to make proper decisions that lead to a healthy lifestyle. There are four key elements to health and wellness knowledge that should be addressed. The first knowledge element is to understand the health needs of your workforce. What will truly make your organization and its employees healthier? Secondly, educating your entire workforce about the importance of good health to themselves and their families and friends as well as its impact on your company?s success. Health and Wellness knowledge incorporates understanding the risks factors associated with various lifestyle choices and their health implications and ramifications. The third knowledge element involves determining what health and wellness information and will support the identified needs of your employees with the proper health guidance and expertise. Finally businesses need to develop a communication strategy and methods to disseminate information so that all employees have access to it with the frequency and convenience that meets their requirements and in ways that motivate employees to get involved. Knowledge shared must have personal meaning for every employee and should be developed, tailored and customized to meet the needs of all employees and their health challenges. Once all of these factors are in place organizations can move on to the third key success factor which is strategy and programs to ensure maximum engagement and participation of employees in healthy lifestyle activities.

Planning and Implementation?(Recorded March 18, 2014 at 12noon) This webinar delved into the planning and implementation of health and wellness initiatives to ensure they are aligned with company objectives and generate desired results. We have identified 5 key elements for consideration as you map out the shape and objectives of your H&W program. Participants will learn what steps are needed to plan health and wellness activities in their organization. Through collaboration with internal staff and outside experts you can build the necessary programs and policies that help support employee health in areas that are important to them. Programs customized to the needs of your workforce and based on the research, guidance and expertise required to maximize impact and ROI of your health and wellness efforts. This is a critical stage of your program development and will ultimately result in success or failure.

Rave Reviews:

I thoroughly enjoyed your session. There was some great hard data in there that would be very beneficial to anyone trying to convince managementto “buy in” to a wellness program.