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Ballroom Fit & Ballroom Line Dancing

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NO partner required

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Ballroom Fit

Enjoy the sounds of Ballroom music and learning the basics of waltz, fox trot, cha cha, rumba, samba, jive. Have fun with the tango, paso as well. The instructor will incorporating good posture basics, Bone Fit, and gentle exercise and gentle yoga stretches for a well rounded program complete with a warm up, cardio and stretches.
Suitable for all levels, including people in wheel chairs. Classes will be taught according to the participant?s ability and modifications given when needed.

The focus of this program is to have fun learning ballroom dance basics while incorporating BoneFit and gentle exercise principles.

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Bring Ballroom Fit to your next conference and get yourself and your participants moving and having fun!

Ballroom Line Dancing


Line dancing to ballroom music, and using ballroom dance steps.
For example, there is a Chacha line dance to Uptown Funk.
Waltz line dance to First Waltz by Engelbert Humperdink
Fox Trot line dance to Witchcraft by Frank Sinatra