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Yoga on the Deck under the sun and stars….get outside and try some yoga

Yoga on the Deck….

With this week?s record breaking temperatures, we have been enjoying yoga outside on the deck.

This is certainly a record for yoga outside; usually we do not make it outside until May. I believe we made it out occasionally for a noon April yoga class.

However, this week has blown all the records!! Both my noon hour and evening classes have been enjoying doing yoga in the great outdoors

The noon hour class enjoyed hearing the birds, looking at all the beautiful budding trees. Some even finding it too hot to be in the direct sun and opted for the shady areas of the deck. The yoga Babies, enjoyed hearing all the birds.

Meanwhile my Tuesday evening class were outside doing yoga under the stars. ?Some of our yoga clients were pointing out the different planets and where some of the conciliations too. Even the mosquito fearing participants faired ok and said they enjoyed the outdoor yoga class. One student wrote me “I enjoyed having the rare privilege of yoga under the stars. It completely blew me away! A truly mystical night. This memory will last a life time.
I am over the moon attending your yoga classes.” My other students who attended also could not stop raving about yoga under the stars and are excited for the weather to cooperate to do it again.

Get all the amazing benefits of yoga while getting fresh air, some free vitamin D (if a day time class) and some astronomy (for the night class). It is truly a unique expereince.

If you are interested in trying yoga on the deck, or booking a private group in a park or your location, please contact Jayne.