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Yoga Mat Cleaning

Yoga Mat Cleaning
It is important to clean your yoga mat, especially if you are regularly practicing yoga or borrowing one from a yoga studio or someone else.
Cleaning your yoga mat regularly will help reduce bacterial buildup, which can cause skin infections. This is especially important if you are sweating.

I typically 3-6 drops of tea tree oil and 3 drops of lavender oil in a Windex sized spray bottle.
Once a year, I suggest a through wash. I like to take all my yoga mats out to the grass on a sunny summer day and spray them all down with a mild soap, followed by a good spray with my garden hose, and hang to dry outside.

Others suggest, putting your yoga mats right inside your washing machine, and hang to dry. I have never tried this method. While others spray their mats down with a mild soap.
To avoid having your mat break down too quickly it is a good idea to check with your yoga mat manufacturer for their suggested cleaning method.