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Yoga is Great for KidZ says Dr Shanker: Yoga Jayne’s Frog Series

Yoga is great for all ages and abilities. Recently, Dr. Stuart Shanker, a distinguished research Professor of Philosophy and Psychology at York University, shared that every classroom should have yoga.

If you have or work with children try my KidZ Frog series to help calm the child(ren) in your life. It is also a great series to open the hips, low back, get the bowels working and just have some FUN!!

Yoga Jayne’s KidZ Frog Series:

1. Frog on a Lilly Pad??(low squat hands in?prayer?pose)

2. Catching Flies? While on your Lilly pad, see if you can catch flies with your long sticky frog tongue. A fly just landed under your chin. Did you get it? Now there is one on top of your nose. Did you get it?

Sing?“5 Green and Speckled Frogs sitting on a speckled frogs eating some most delicious bugs, yum, yum.”

3. ?Swimming Frogs?(from frog on a lilly?pose, go onto your tummy. Keeping your feet together and on the floor, if possible).

To swim like a frog, just do the breast stroke.?(reach out over head, then out wide to the sides all the way down to your frog legs. Zip up your sides and repeat3 X)

Sing?“On a hot hot day in July, 5 Green and Speckled Frogs sitting on a speckled frogs jumped into the pool. SPLASH!! The 5 frogs loved to swim and swim and swim.”

4. Jumping Frogs?Start by having your frog sit on a?Lilly?pad. Hands down to the floor between your feet. Have your frog jump up and down racing across the room. Ensuring that the hands touch the floor on each jump.

Sing?“Jump little frogs jumping jumping. Jump little frogs, jumping, jumping”?

5.?Sleeping Frogs?Have your frogs sleeping on a Lilly?pad (Savasanna). Imagine that your Lilly Pad is like a magic carpet. If you breath into your frog tummy’s making your belly button rise up high to the sky your magic lilly pad will begin to fly. Keep doing big breathes or your magic Lilly Pad might fall down to the group. You have control of where your magic Lilly Pad flies.

Sing?“Sleep little frogs, sleeping sleeping.?

Thank you to my dear friend and yoga student Barb for allowing me to post her pictures doing KidZ Yoga.
Barb will let us know how this series works with her little friends.
Note: I am a registered yoga instructor. Technology is not my core competency. Thus, I am unsure why the group of photo’s are in the middle of this post. On my edit page it only shows me one photo.