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Yoga Awareness Month – how will you celebrate?

Did you know September is National Yoga Awareness Month?

My first thought was no, how embarrassing especially since I have been practicing yoga since the late 80?s and teaching yoga since 2006.

Don’t worry if you are like me; yoga awareness month only began 5 years ago. In 2008, the US Department of Health and Human Services designated September as National Yoga Month, one of a select number of national health observances. Since then, the initiative has taken root as a global awareness campaign, educating, inspiring and motivating people to achieve a healthy lifestyle. (source: Wikipedia)

Wow, how exciting!!! We Canadians can learn from our southern neighbours!!! Have you ever done yoga in a hotel??Check out what some of the top hotels in the US are offering by visiting?http://www.gogobot.com/blog/2013/09/11/om-ing-in-on-the-best-hotels-for-yoga/

How will you celebrate yoga this Month?

Innovative? Wellness will offer a free trial class to celebrate Yoga Awareness Month to any new clients this month? *

Please email me about:

  1. Any concerns you have about yoga
  2. Why you enjoy yoga
  3. ?How do you think we can get yoga into every classroom
  4. How can we bring yoga into mental wellness programs
  5. Your most memorable yoga moment

One of my most recent memorial yoga moments happened just two days ago, Tuesday, September 10, 2013. I was teaching an evening yoga class outside on my yoga deck. Is was a beautiful evening about 27 degrees Celsius with a calming breeze and sky full of stars. We began our class sipping on home made blueberry iced tea and chatting. As we were entering our initial relaxation one of my clients said “there is a shooting star”. As we progressed through a series of poses, the groups energy shift to a more relaxed and peaceful state. As the group was in relaxing even deeper into final relaxation I saw two more shooting stars. It was a magical peaceful evening.

Looking forward to hearing your yoga stories.

*Note: Free trial class limited to new clients and to ?yoga classes inside the Yoga Den