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When is the best time for yoga?

When is the best time for yoga??

Anytime. The best time for yoga in my opinion really depends on your schedule, what you are hoping to achieve from your yoga practice and what time makes you feel the best.

Traditional yogis and leading exercise researchers state morning is the best for yoga. ?This idea is supported by a?a study by Southwestern Health Institute in Phoenix. The researchers discovered that three out of 4 people who exercised in the morning were still exercising a year later. However, only half of those who waited until midday to exercise were still continuing their exercise habit a year later.?However, what happens if you schedule will not allow you to fit in a yoga practice in the morning? Or what if you are seeking something to get you over the mid day hump, or deal with various mental health or physical health ?symptoms that flare up mid day or later? Or what if you need help falling asleep.

6am yoga class are ?perfect for people seeking to get a great start to their day and begin a daily routine.

9:30m works best for some who are needed at home to ensure their family members get off to school and work first. By 9:30am when the house is empty, it is time to take care of themselves.

12noon classes are ideal to allow people to centre themselves mid day. My family yoga class with pre-schoolers state a noon class is the perfect pre-nap event.

2:30pm class is ideal for those suffering from physical and/or mental health challenges since sometimes their pain and other symptoms begin.

4-6pm, after work yoga is ideal for some since they say it is the perfect time to relax. de-stress and a great way to transition from work to home.

Evening yoga is ideal for those seeking a better night’s sleep. Yoga can help you unwind from a hectic day. I even have a Sleep Aid Audio that has helped people get a better night’s sleep.

I recommend trying yoga at all different times of the day to see what makes you feel best.

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