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Tummy Repair

Post delivery of?our?precious baby(s), it is important to learn effective ways to repair our tummies through effective stretching and strengthening pelvic floor and abdominal musculature.

Did you know there are 16?muscles in the pelvic floor?

However, to keep things simple and from a?functional perspective, I prefer to think of them as one amazing unit working together. Some refer to it as a hammock that hangs from the four corners of the pelvis – sitting bones, ?pubic bone in the front and tailbone in the back.

As a mother of three, and working with a number of moms joining me for Yoga with Baby, I know and understand the concerns new moms have with their changing body.

I recall after my third child?I had, as my sister jokingly refers to it as ?”SNEE”; you know the embarrassing sneeze that is accompanied by leakage/ urinary?incontinence.

Yoga can?help you achieve the goal of ?relaxing and strengthening your pelvic floor muscles to avoid the “SNEE” , or leakage when you cough, ?are ?picking up your baby, laughing whole heartily, bouncing on a trampoline with your child or going for a run.

However, it will take some time to develop self awareness, self care tools and self regulation.

Self awareness:

Try breathing in and out. Take a moment to notice what happens with your?diaphragm and pelvic floor as you take a deep breath in. Now try noticing what happens when you breath out completely. It is interesting as they move together int he same direction.

You may notice as you inhaled, the pelvic floor?naturally widens outward and there is a downward pressure. And during your exhale, you may have noticed ?a natural lifting of the pelvic floor at the end of the exhalation too well about how the body?changes of our body after babies.

Self care

Identify what stretching and strengthening your body needs.

Self Regulation

Not harming yourself with negative self talk or damaging muscles, ligaments or tendons.

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