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Three Building Blocks to Resiliency and Self-Care

Three Building Blocks to Resiliency and Self-Care

Resiliency is our ‘staying power’.  We build resiliency by taking care of ourselves—on a consistent and regular basis. When we are resilient, we are able to bounce-back when things become difficult.

Three Building Blocks:

  1. Awareness

Be a detective. Without criticism or judgement, stop and take a moment to “check in” with yourself.

  • Check in with your emotions – how are you feeling right now?
  • Check in with your mental self – is your mind full of chatter? Do you have to do lists, regrets?
  • Check in with physical self – how do your feet feel? Legs. Back? …. continue to the top of your head.


It’s hard to create effective self-care tools if we are not aware of what is going on in our own mind, body and emotional self.

Now that you’ve completed your check in, what areas need some TLC (tender loving care)?


  1. Dream

Now allow yourself to dream. That’s right, if you had no barriers like time, money, illness, etc, what would you do right now?


Ask your detective self (again with no criticism or judgement):

  • What would help you emotionally. What is it that you really need right now to feel at peace? Remember you get to dream up anything and there are no barriers.
  • What would best help your mental self – For example, what can calm the chatter? What can you do to remove the lists?
  • Do you have any physical pain, discomfort, symptoms? If yes, what can help decrease the discomfort?

Write as many answers as possible down on a piece of paper.

  1. Care

From your Dream list from detective self, circle what things would best help your whole self (emotional self, mental and physical)?

These are potentially effective self-care tools.

It’s time to evaluate whether or not this self-care tool is something we can realistically do now? If not, why not.

If there is a barrier, then put this self care item up on a dream board. It is something to strive to do later.

Now look at all our other dream items. These too are good self-care tools.

We need multiple tools to take care of our whole self.

Self-care decrease stress, allows us to think more clearly, communicate more effectively, and we feel better. This all helps us build our resiliency.

For more information, on the above or trauma informed yoga therapy,  please contact Jayne@innoativewellness.ca