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Mental Health And COVID-19 – Information And Resources

Mental Health And COVID-19 Canadian Mental Health  Association   All care options are taking place using virtual care options. My needs What do I do? I am in crisis, or I need help and I am not currently connected to CMHA services Call 1-844-HERE247 I need help, but I am not in crisis If you have […]

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Improving your Mental Wellness Tip #1: Nature and Light Therapy


It’s the last week of January 2019, that means it is Bell Let’s Talk week. I like to take this opportunity to share Trauma informed yoga therapy tools and techniques to help you maintain your Mental Wellness. #BellLet’sTalk Plus exam week for all you WRDSB high school students. My six tips this week can help […]

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Three Building Blocks to Resiliency and Self-Care

Three Building Blocks to Resiliency and Self-Care Resiliency is our ‘staying power’.  We build resiliency by taking care of ourselves—on a consistent and regular basis. When we are resilient, we are able to bounce-back when things become difficult. Three Building Blocks: Awareness Be a detective. Without criticism or judgement, stop and take a moment to […]

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