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Suicide Prevention Day – Sept 10th


Once again Innovative Wellness is a proud community partner with Waterloo Region Suicide Prevention Council for their virtual event. Innovative Wellness video From WRSPC: Attached is the order of your presentations that will be aired on The Waterloo Region Suicide Prevention Council Website starting on Monday Sept 7th.  The website is www.wrspc.ca We will be airing […]

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Social Contact Promotes Enhanced Health, Well-being and Longevity & Partner Yoga

Social contact promotes enhanced health and well-being states Coan, Schaefer and Davidson. In addition, a researcher on Canada Am today (March 25, 2013) stated friends and social contact helps us live longer. Therefore, it only stands to reason then that partner yoga and would also help to?enhanced health, well-being, and longevity. Source: Coan, J., Schaefer, […]

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