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Dementia Friendly Yoga Program …made possible by Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility Affairs – Seniors Community Grant program.


Dementia Friendly Yoga March 13, 2020 Update  COVID-19 “shut down” The Wayside Operating Committee met this afternoon (March 13, 2020)  and reached the decision to suspend the Monday 11am Dementia Friendly Chair Yoga and Wednesday 10:30am Chair Yoga Programs until further notice.  While the incidence of COVID19 is very low in our community the decision […]

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4 Simple Steps to Effective Story Telling

Wow what a week!! The ice was pretty on the trees; however, it sure made for an interesting couple of days- closed all the schools Thursday, followed by an ice covered city with several fallen trees and no power all day Friday. Neil Dunsmore and I have identified 4 simple steps to effective story telling: […]

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Story Telling Enhances Learning and Activates our Brains

Story Telling Enhances Learning and Activates our Brains For over 27,000 years stories people have been telling stories.. Stories have been used successfully to teach culture, traditions, life skills, morals and values. Some experts state story telling is still one of the fundamental ways we communicate. In fact, Jeremy Hsu found that nowadays 65% of […]

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Social Contact Promotes Enhanced Health, Well-being and Longevity & Partner Yoga

Social contact promotes enhanced health and well-being states Coan, Schaefer and Davidson. In addition, a researcher on Canada Am today (March 25, 2013) stated friends and social contact helps us live longer. Therefore, it only stands to reason then that partner yoga and would also help to?enhanced health, well-being, and longevity. Source: Coan, J., Schaefer, […]

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