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Innovative Wellness remains OPEN to help you destress…March 15, 2020


Innovative Wellness remains OPEN… to help you de-stress During these unprecedented times, Innovative Wellness will continue offering our private, and small quaint de-stress, trauma informed therapeutic  yoga classes, at our Waterloo studio, and at private client locations during this COVID-19 “shut down” of schools, City Community Centres, etc. The health, safety and well being of our clients  […]

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Stress = Bad Decisions ….what can you do?

Do you feel stress leads to bad decisions? Several recent studies show that stress impairs our ability to make decisions. When we feel stressed, we go into fight-flight-freeze mode. In this state, we really feel like we’re being chased by a lion, even if the “danger” looming is just the stress of everyday life like […]

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