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Swing Dance with Becky of Hepcat Swing Saturday June 10th 6:30pm

6:30pm Saturday, June 10th  learn to Swing Dance with Becky

at Leela’s “Swing into Summer Fundraiser Dance”

Leela and I zoom met the fun and passionate Swing Dance instructor Becky Stark. She is the current President of Hepcat Swing here in Waterloo, and has been dancing and teaching various styles of swing since 2004.

She fell in love with swing dancing when she attended a beginner lesson at an event just like this one, and before long she was taking 2 or 3 lessons a week and every social dance she could manage while attending classes at Laurier. From there she started attending events around Ontario, as well as Montreal, Winnipeg, Calgary, Vancouver, Seattle, Ann Arbour, and even Melbourne, Australia. She started a blues dancing group at University of Northern BC while living in Prince George, and became a regular teacher and DJ for London Lindyhoppers after returning home to London, Ontario. She now lives in Hamilton, teaching and DJing for Hepcats as much as time allows. Her first love will always be Lindy Hop, due to its joyful and playful expression, but she also enjoys blues and East Coast Swing, and likes to sprinkle in some West Coast Swing, Charleston, and Balboa from time to time.