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Stroke Recovery Programs

*Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is a gentle form of yoga that uses a chair to explore yoga stretches and strengtheners.  It helps decrease muscles stiffness and decrease spasticity. For those who it is safe, we use the chair to help stabilize in standing balancing poses.

For more info visit https://innovativewellness.ca/yogachair-yoga/

Mondays 1pm Kitchener & Wednesday 10:30am Waterloo

*Note: Wednesday 10:30am class has approximately 25% men

Stretch it Out

Full hour of stretching to lengthen out the muscles.

Mondays   11:55am Kitchener

*Gentle Somatic Movement

This is a seated program that is very gentle. It focuses on specific muscle movement re-education, reduces chronic pain, improves joint mobility and brings agility. Effective to decrease muscles stiffness and decrease spasticity.

Sunday 12 noon Waterloo Wednesday 9am Kitchener  Friday 9am Waterloo

*Note: Wednesday 9am currently has 50% men attending


*Yoga for Stiff Bodies and Bad Backs

Loosen up stiff bodies in a safe way, while learning some back care basics.

Tuesday  10:30am Kitchener, Thursday 11:30 Kitchener  Thursday 8pm  Waterloo

*Note: Thursday 8pm is currently 75% men

Gentle Yoga

This class blends the therapeutic yoga approach with the gentle styles of yoga like restorative yoga, Kirpalu,  and hatha. Participants can choose to do this class traditionally on the floor or modify it to a chair.

Sunday 10:30am, Monday 9am & 8pm Waterloo, Thursday 9am Waterloo,

For more information,

please email jayne@innovativewellness.ca

Great Resource: https://www.marchofdimes.ca/EN/programs/src/Pages/src.aspx



These 2 Exercises Can Cut Your Risk of Heart Disease in Half

How to Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease

By now, it’s no secret that regular exercise is key to boosting heart health. But for those looking to seriously reduce their heart disease risk, one workout combo, in particular, can pack double the punch–literally.

Yoga and aerobic exercise are particularly effective at warding off heart disease, according to new research from HG SMS Hospital in India. The team of researchers assigned 750 heart disease patients to three different exercise regimes: aerobic exercise, yoga, or both aerobic exercise and yoga. All three groups participated in three, six-month sessions of their assigned workout.

At the end of the trial period, both the aerobic exercisers and those practicing yoga showed similar reductions in their blood pressure, BMI, and cholesterol. However, the group who had tried both workouts saw twice the improvement, the researchers reported.

That’s not the only perk of yoga; previous research has found that a daily session can boost your brainpower, prevent back pain, and even beat that afternoon slump.

But it’s the combination of the two workouts that does the trick, researchers say. ‘Combined Indian yoga and aerobic exercise reduce mental, physical and vascular stress and can lead to decreased cardiovascular mortality and morbidity,’ co-authors Dr. Sonal Tanwar, a scholar in preventative cardiology, and Dr. Naresh Sen, a consultant cardiologist, both with HG SMS Hospital, wrote. ‘Heart disease patients could benefit from learning Indian yoga and making it a routine part of daily life.’

Convinced already? Get started by doing these easy yoga poses every day.

[Source: Daily Mail]

Originally published as These 2 Exercises Can Cut Your Risk of Heart Disease in Half on ReadersDigest.com.