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Shrug off Stress in Seconds

The next time you?re feeling anxious, try this relaxation exercise: Inhale deeply, slowly shrugging your shoulders up toward your ears. Exhale as you bring your shoulders back down. Repeat 5 times.

Shoulder shrugs relieve built-up tension in the neck and upper back, plus increase the output of stress-busting endorphins.


To learn more, attend our Stress talk at KPL Stanly Park/Grand River Branch next Tuesday September 23 7pm.

Have you experienced stress?

For some of us stress feels unlimited.

For years we have been hearing that stress is harmful to our health. However, there is new research showing that if we are able to rethink the stress response as helpful, we will be better able handle life?s challenges, and improve our biology.

This session will share the latest research and techniques to help you create stress-related resilience.