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Improving your Mental Wellness Tip #1: Nature and Light Therapy

It’s the last week of January 2019, that means it is Bell Let’s Talk week. I like to take this opportunity to share Trauma informed yoga therapy tools and techniques to help you maintain your Mental Wellness. #BellLet’sTalk

Plus exam week for all you WRDSB high school students. My six tips this week can help you de-stress during exams.

Tip #1: Nature and Light Therapy

Here in Waterloo, we woke up to so much beautiful  light fluffy snow.

Bundle up and go outside. Find the beauty nature has to offer.  For example see how each snow flake is unique. Watch ow the sun sparkles on the snow. Unleash  your creative self ..build a snowman, make snow angels, or freeze water and make ice candle holders. Get our for a snow hike, ski, snowshoe, or tobogganing.

Think of shovelling as a FREE fitness gift.Shovelling snow helps improve our mental as well as our physical wellness.

That’s right, getting outside in the fresh air and sunlight helps improve your mental wellness. Plus it helps maintain your bone density by working those muscles.

Research has proven light therapy can help with seasonal mood disorders, depression, as well as sleep disorders. Light therapy helps regulate your bodies day-night cycle.

Remember to bend your knees to reduce back pain. Also I strongly advise that you do your back care basic before and after shovelling to keep your back happy.

My hiking buddy and I got out for a 10km hike in the snow and let me share, it was a fabulous workout!  We were both feeling our quads during the walk and the up hills really got our heart pumping.Plus we thoroughly enjoyed watching all the birds along the trail too.