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Pre Natal Yoga: Pelvic Floor Pain Relief

Pelvic Floor Pain During Pregnancy

Ladies, I feel your pain. I had this during my third pregnancy.

Thankfully, I found relief through yoga. So did some of my clients who also experienced pelvic floor pain.

Remember, only try the poses if your medical professional stated it is ok to go into these ranges of motion.

i. Horse stance base locks and tilts

Stand with your feet wide apart and knees bent. Like you are sitting on an imaginary horse; a very wide horse. Ensure knees are pointing the same direction as your toes (approx. 45 degrees).

Tuck your pelvic region forward to give yourself a flat back.

If you like, try adding a ?base lock?/kegal.

Be sure to breath into your nose for 4 and out for 4.

ii. Supported bridge pose.

If you are ok to lay down on your back. Try raising your hips up off the floor. Try slideing a yoga block or big booklike yelp pages under your hips.

Again, breathe into the nose for 4 and big exhale for 4.

iii. Hand belly sling.? Find a comfortable position. It can be sitting or standing and wrap your hands under your beautiful baby belly and use your hands like a sling. Take this time to connect with your baby. Gently lift the belly slightly help take some of the pressure off your pelvic region.

iii. Supported Restorative Reclining Cobbler. Create a lazy boy recliner on the floor with pillows and blankets. Ensure the backmost part is elevated to support your head. And gently sloping down to the floor to fully support your back. Sitting in your ?yoga lazy boy? with back and head fully supported. Bring the soles of your feet together. Coming onto butterfly or cobbler legs. Take 2 pillows; one under each knee to fully support your knees and not over doing the stretch. This pose will help opn up the hips, lowback? and SI joint.

iv. Supported down dog. With your hands on a wall around shoulder height. Ears between the arms. Push your bum into the middle of the room. Let the baby be hammock like. Many women say this helps release the tightness in the back and pelvic region.

v. Cat and Dog. While on your hands and knees. Exhale and bring your chin to the chest and curl your spine up to the ceiling. Inhale, allow the belly to drop toward the floor.

Some of my clients say they do the yoga poses in a swimming pool. Others say they do the yoga poses, plus go a prenatal massage or chiropractic adjustment.

Please email me to let me know which of these help you.