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Mindfulness vs Mind Full

Which one are you?

View this great 2013 video of Dr. Dan Siegel, M.D., child psychiatrist – Discussing the science of mindfulness https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqUNtLbwoj4

Yoga, meditation can train people to be mindful. Kids with more challenges with executive function had greater results.

Dr. Dan Siegel describes how mindfulness and the brain works. “Primitive area/brain stem area works to regulation response and limic area regulate our emotions, feelings and memory. Impulses from sub cortical area. Prefrontal region regulates all the other ares. Mindfulness creates a way to harness the power and calm down. Helps them be more regulated. Empathetic. Our prefrontal cortex allows us to pause and allows us to have insight whats going on, and enact a behaviour that is better for everyone.” This will help kids academically, and socially.

The only downside is it gets kids in touch with their inner world. Children may recall a painful memory. However, it is better children talk about it sooner rather than later. Just ensure, the kids have the supports they need.

Mindfulness is a low-cost way to help students. It is a tool that can “help change the direction of their development for the rest of their lives.”

It is ideal to teach children “reflective”(mindfulness) skills before seven years old.

In adults, research has shown they can change after  eight weeks of mindfulness training.

Dr. Dan Siegel says it would be great if we could do mindfulness training together as a family.

Which way will you learn “reflection” skills/Mindfulness? Through yoga, meditation, tai chi?

Mindfulness is a lifeskill to build inner clarity. It allow yourself to experience emotions in the moment.

Tip: Learn Mindfulness from someone who practices mindfulness.