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Migraine Relief

Try these migraine relief?moves

Begin with restorative yoga full breathe.

Eyes covered with an eye pillow or gel pack.

Legs up on a chair, continue with full yoga breathing for 10-15 minutes.

Then try some neck stretches:

Inhale, then on exhale drop your chin to your chest, big inhale. Do four more complete breathes (breathing in for 4 and out for 4).

Exhale while chin still to the chest. Stay here in version 1 if you have ?low bone density or neck injuries. Version 2. begin to round the?back and cat it back to your chair while keeping the chin to the chest. This will help open up the neck and upper back muscles and fascia.

Inhale, return head to neutral.

If you have low bone density or neck issues, please do version 1. Looking to the right and then to the left.

Version 2. Exhale drop ear to right shoulder, hold pose here three breathes, next exhale roll your nose to look over end of your shoulder, 3 breathes, inhale return head to neutral
Exhale repeat on the left side.

Inhale, then on exhale drop your chin to your chest, big inhale

Inhale sweep arms up
Exhale drop to “T”, then try to take elbows behind back to touch one another. Try tightening the muscles between the should blades. This will help get blood flowing into the neck and head.


Email to let me know how this worked for you.