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Meditation for non-meditators

Meditation has so many benefits and I live to incorporate it into all my yoga classes.  However, if you are like I was, I thought I cannot just empty my mind. It is important to note there are so many different kinds of meditations. If one style does not work, try another.

However if you think of meditation as simply stopping to breath, then it is less scary.

During my yoga classes, I like to take people through a few different meditations to hep create awareness.

A Body scan. Checking in with your toes. Notice how they feel. Then moving up the body. This helps create awareness of what is going on in ones body.

Mind Melt. Take a moment to check in with your mind. On your exhale allow all the business to slip away. Giving yourself permission to be in this moment.

Guided meditation to your perfect peaceful place. Allow yourself to relax and visit your perfect peaceful place. Then use the 5 senses to melt deeper into your perfect peaceful place. Breathing in and imagine how does your place feel – the temperature. Ae you inside or outside? Is there wind? Is there a smell in the air?, etc

If non of these appeal to you, try this one that one of my clients shared with me. Please note: this is NOT suitable for children. F*ck That: A Guided Meditation’  http://yogadork.com/2015/07/08/fck-that-meditation-is-no-bs/