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How did you get into doing what you are doing?…Innovative Wellness

I was just asked,

How did you get into doing what you are doing?

GREAT question!!!


Easy, Innovative Wellness is all about me sharing my passions with others and help them improve their quality of life with strategic solutions through yoga, facilitating workshops, consulting.coaching and fitness!

Yoga was a savour of me.

My approach is simple (and I  apply it to all I do -yoga, training, consulting/coaching and fitness):

1. Create self awareness (being real about what was going on inside your own head and emotionally, plus inside your physical body),

2. Learn self care  for your specific areas, and

3. Reinforced self regulation (not harming yourself physically by forcing into poses/situations or with negative words).

When I was 13, I lived with chronic back pain, sciatica and arthritis. I was told there was nothing that could be done to decrease symptoms. I felt this was not true and remained active.

A decade later, I found an incredible 90 year old yoga teacher who taught me to be gentle to my body and mind.

Now, I teach this same way – gentle introspective therapeutic approach customized to an individuals needs. Encouraging positive results through strategic initiatives. I pull upon all my education in Biology, psychology and human resource management, and of course the over 600 hour of yoga teacher training, gentle exercise training, BoneFIt training; plus all my diverse experiences in mental health, hospice, human resource management, teaching English as a second language abroad, and as a mom to three awesome teens.

If you had asked me as a teen, what was my dream career – I must confess, yoga, fitness instructor, workshop facilitator, consultant were not on my list. Top  of my list was  corner. I even job shadowed a corner for a number of days in grade 12 and 13. I  loved how the corner shared how and why people died as well as discussing ways to prevent unnecessary death and improve quality of life.  She was an incredible person taking the time to treat each individual, dead or alive with respect by listening/observing.

Nowadays, I feel very honoured when clients shares that I help improve their quality of life through listening to their concerns, and applying strategic solutions.