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Golf Fit 4 Key Elements to Improve your Game

Over the years, my golfing clients have shared, “my golf??game has improved”, “I am able to now stay out playing golf longer”, “my back pain has decreased” and some even say, “I no longer have any back pain”.

It is simple. Just three?key elements to improve your golf game through Innovative Wellness?”Golf Fit” program: stretching, ? strengthening, balancing and enhancing self awareness.

Stretching is the first key element. ?Stretching?helps prevent?injury ?and improves?performance. A limited range of motion and lack of flexibility are responsible for keeping the games of many players from ever reaching their full potential ? on all levels.

“The single-most important physical factor for your golf performance is flexibility” states?Joey Atlas who has worked with?dozens of high level amateurs and a handful of the world?s elite pro golfers (Vijay Singh, David Duval & his agent, Mark McCumber, Josh McCumber, Leonard Thompson, Bob Dickson, Joe Inman, Jeff Klauk, Mark Petzold, Susan Rampleberg & many others). “The easier and further your body can turn, the better, more powerful, your swing is. Period.”

Moving the club head over a greater distance allows for the generation of more club head speed, hence more distance on the ball ? WITH LESS EFFORT.

Strengthening?is the second?key element. By strengthening the core and other muscles, golfers will have more power, prevent injuries and have more endurance to keep playing they enjoy.

Balancing?is the third?key element.

Enhancing Self Awareness is the fourth?key element. By enhancing your self awareness you will be able to improve your golf game exponentially.

Our?Golf Fit tools and techniques can be done anywhere anytime.?No equipment needed, no magical golf clubs or flying golf balls, no $300 lessons and no ?electrically charged? bracelets will ever take the place of improving your flexibility, core strength and developing more self awareness.

Join our Golf Fit program beginning Monday April 14 at 2pm.

Prevent the Most common Golf Related Injury:??Back Pain:


? Do your “Back Care Basics” routine designed by innovative Wellness everyday

Plus follow the?information from?orthopedic surgeon Dr. Larry Foster, aka?”Dr. Divot” and follow his “… Guide to Golf Injuries.”

? Use proper back mechanics when lifting your bag.

? Bend through the knees (squat) when retrieving the ball.
? Consider switching to a putter with a longer shaft.
? Slow down the backswing to minimize rotational stress on the lower back at the top of the backswing.
? Adopt a big shoulder and hip turn on the backswing (classic swing technique).
? Make sure body weight is properly shifted to the right foot during the backswing, and that the arms and shoulders are kept within the plane of the swing at the top of the backswing.


? Place the feet too far apart at the address phase (this limits the hip turn later in the swing and increases stress on the lower back).
? Hyperextend the spine on the follow-through, but rather utilize the relaxed upright “I” position (classic swing technique).