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Tummy Repair

Post delivery of?our?precious baby(s), it is important to learn effective ways to repair our tummies through effective stretching and strengthening pelvic floor and abdominal musculature. Did you know there are 16?muscles in the pelvic floor? However, to keep things simple and from a?functional perspective, I prefer to think of them as one amazing unit working […]

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Mindfulness and Yoga improves productivity

Mindfulness and yoga improves productivity states latest research. More specifically the researchers stated it?decreasing employee stress, while improving resiliency, vigor, and work engagement, thereby enhancing overall employee well-being.   Read full article Mindfulness improves productivity states latest research – Contact Innovative Wellness to bring mindfulness and yoga to your workplace  

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New website coming

I am moving my website to another server so it will look a little rough in the meantime.

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