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Baby is on it’s way…what yoga can help?

Baby is on its way…how exciting!!!

Now what yoga can help?

Yoga 4 Breathe: Breathing in for four and out for four can help manage the pain of contractions.

Meditation: Take time to be in the present moment, no criticism or judgement . Exhale out the pain, worries and concerns and breathe in healing, calming breathe.  This can improve your ability to relax and to concentrate. Breathe in love to yourself and your precious baby. Exhale out all negative stuff.

Ease back pain by doing:
1. Stair Lunges – place on foot up on a stair and lung forward.
2. Low squat or as my children like to call it  Indian toilet pose
3. Happy baby – layingon your back playing with your toes.
4. Ball Wall Roll: Take any size ball you have. I like beach ball size balls. stand at the wall. Place the mall between you the wall at waist height. Bend knees and ball will massage your back.

My clients say these have been very helpful. Give it a try and let me know if it helps you.