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All classes cancelled today- Wed Feb 6

Due to severe weather today, all yoga, dance and weight  classes are cancelled.

The roads are getting worse and the sidewalks are very unsafe.

The below Classes are cancelled just for today, Wed Feb  6

9am Gentle Somatic Movement class at Rockway Community Centre, City of Kitchener

10:30am Seniors Chair Yoga Program at Waterloo Emmanuel United Church – Waterloo Wayside

1:30pm Adult In Patient Mental Health Trauma Informed Therapuetic Yoga Class

6:15pm Weights class at Breighthaupt Community Centre, City of Kitchener

7:15pm Yoga Stretch Class at Breightaupt Community Center, City of Kitchener

Stay safe today; don’t go out there unless you absolutely have to!


While at home today, try one or all six of my 6 Improving Mental Wellness Trauma Informed Yoga therapy techniques.

Ground Yourself with 5,5,3,2,1 


Energize with Legs up the Wall


Roll Your Troubles away 



Drink your own  hot home made tea with fresh fruit  



Breathe: Try some relaxing Breathing techniques and Mindfulness 

check our the video. https://innovativewellness.ca/bell-lets-talk-week-take-5-breath/

Get Moving. Do something that makes you smile 🙂

Do something to get you moving today.

Try having your own dance party at home

If you love music and dance, come join us on March 6th. For more  information http://leelasballetdream.wixsite.com/leela-taggar/single-post/2018/12/28/Showcase-March-6th


Go outside

Even though it is an overcast icy day, do not discount the benefit of getting outside of cleaning off your icy steps and driveway. The fresh air can help lift your mood and its a work out shovelling  that ice covered snow.  However, I do caution you to stay safe. And do our back care basics before and after to prevent injury.