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Mental Illness Cost Canadians $51 Billon

Mental Illness Cost Canadians $51 Billon

That is right, Mental illness costs the Canadian economy $51 Billion annually ?(2011, Conference Board of Canada)

Organizations are reporting approximately 30% of all disability claims and 70% of the associated plan costs are related to mental illness.

What is even more frustrating is 40% of mental health-related cases are misdiagnosed or under diagnosed, resulting in incorrect or insufficient treatment. Further, more than 50% of cases do not receive treatment at all (Journal of American Medicine).

Some strategies to decrease these costs, improve productivity and assist employees back to mental wellness include:

  1. Early identification and diagnosis of mental health concerns. Supervisors/managers can assist by watching for behavioural changes in their staff
  2. Effective treatment plan
  3. Return-to-work strategy that enables the employee to gradually ease back into work life
  4. Create a good Mental Wellness Culture by providing onsite programs, tools to train your employees to take care of their mental wellness


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