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2013 Report states Many Factors Affect Health and Wellness

2013 Report states Many Factors Affect Health and Wellness

What will you do to keep yourself, your family and your employees healthy this year?

Unhealthy behaviors, adverse economic and social conditions, and environmental factors, as well as public policies and social values, and other factors that shape conditions for unhealthy population that are dying younger than people.

In the Jan ?2013?? 404-page report by the National Research Council and Institute of Medicine they compared the health of Americans to that of people in 16 other rich countries. They included Canada,?Japan,?Australia?and 13 western European countries including Britain, France,?Italy, Switzerland and?Germany.

Americans overall fared the worst among the countries in the report when it came to nine areas: infant mortality; injury and homicide rates; teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases; HIV infection and AIDS; drug abuse; obesity and diabetes; heart disease; lung disease; and disabilities.

Two-thirds of Americans are considered overweight or obese. The report also noted that Americans on average consume more calories than people in most similar countries and have lower physical activity levels.


U.S. men ranked last when it comes to longevity – about 75.6 years compared to 79 years for men in Switzerland, the top-ranked country. U.S. women ranked next to last. However, Americans fared better in some areas with fewer deaths from cancer and better control of cholesterol and blood pressure.


“Shorter lives and poorer health in the United States will ultimately harm the nation’s economy as healthcare costs rise and the workforce remains less healthy than that of other high-income countries,” the researchers wrote.

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